ANBD 2018 (update:20180524)

ANBD(Asia Network Beyond Design) was found in 2007 for the purpose of cultural value expansion through convergence of each area’s characteristics. The first exhibition held in 2008 and 41 exhibitions showed over 13,000 artworks until now.
ANBD tried to communicate beyond genre of art and design for the last 10 years. From now on, we will challenge for the cultural convergence beyond Asia.

1. Theme : Genesis

The theme of ANBD2018 is ‘Genesis’.
‘Genesis’ is based on the ‘Book of Genesis’ and refers to the creation of the universe and mankind. In other words, Genesis means ‘creation’ or ‘birth’.
Especially, we hope to see various works comes from using this theme in the field of art that creates newness.

2. Exhibition Schedule (Main Exhibition : Seoul)

  Exhibition Date Opening Ceremony Date Region Gallery Name Artwork size Solo Exhibition
Malaysia 2018.8.24 – 30 2018.8.24 Kuala Lumpur First City University College A2 available (500,000 KRW/person)
China 2018.9.25 – 10.9   Shanxi Ink Hedong Art Museum A1 available
Korea 2018.11.2 – 7  2018.11.2 Seoul Dream Forest Gallery A2 available
Taiwan 2018.12.15 – 25 2018.12.22 Tainan Chih Shang Gallery,
Kaohsiung Cultural
A1 available

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