ANBD 2019 Special Exhibition

SCHEDULE of 2019 Special Exhibition

The exhibition area of ANBD 2019 Special Exhibition is COLOMBO and ANBD participants can make networks through participating in the COLOMBO opening party.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Opening: 2019.02.11
Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT)

THEME of 2019 Special Exhibition

ANBD participants can express their own ideas under the theme of the year.

Illuminating Asia


PARTICIPANTS of 2019 Special Exhibition

- works

EXCELLENT AWARD of 2019 Special Exhibition

ANBD Judging Committee awards the excellent artworks that adjust to the theme and express excellently a prize.

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Takahashi, Mika

Hsieh, LanFen

Goto, Masanobu

Wang, Xuan

Zhang, Zhihua

Ko, KaiJen

Zhang, Yue

Zhang, Xin

Kim, Sunhwa

Gunaratne, Bandu

Zhang, Puhua

Takisawa, Haruna

Shinohara, Toshiro

Rajakaruna, Henry

ARTWORK PAMPLET of 2019 Special Exhibition

Artwork pamphlets for exhibition will be designed and printed.