ANBD 2022 Special Exhibition

SCHEDULE of 2022 Special Exhibition

The exhibition area of ANBD2022 Special Exhibition is PHUKET.

Phuket, Thailand
  • 2022.06.20 - 07.07
  • Phuket Culture Center

THEME of 2022 Special Exhibition

ANBD participants can express their own ideas under the theme of the year.

  • Coexistence of Asia

  • By sharing and displaying the diversity of emotions and experiences that exist globally, we are overcoming difficult times together. ANBD would like to express a coexistent society without barriers beyond art and design.

PARTICIPANTS of 2022 Special Exhibition

106 people

EXCELLENT AWARD of 2022 Special Exhibition

ANBD Judging Committee awards the excellent artworks that adjust to the theme and express excellently a prize.

* All rights reserved.

  • Table of Peace
  • Suwan-on, Chaiwat
  • life bus stop
  • Chung, SuiLan
  • Pause
  • Ishii, Toshiwo
  • Line Link
  • Lin, Yu-Sheng
  • Coexistence 2022
  • Park, Jaehong
  • Laputa
  • Yap, AiLing

ARTWORK PAMPLET of 2022 Special Exhibition

Artwork pamphlets for each exhibition will be designed and printed.