Entry of ANBD2017

The common theme for 2017 is “Resonance”.
Opening in 4 cities; Tokyo, Wenzhou, Yunlin, and Seoul.
ANBD(Asia Network Beyond Design) was found in 2017 for the purpose of cultural value expansion through convergence of each area’s characteristics. The first exhibition held in 2008 and 36 exhibitions showed over 12,000 artworks until now. ANBD tried to communicate beyond genre of art and design for the last 10 years. From now on, we will challenge for the cultural convergence beyond Asia.

1. Theme:


The theme of ANBD 2017 exhibition ‘Resonance’ includes psychological phenomena such as sympathy or empathy as well as physical vibration of sound or materials. It can be expanded to include ‘synesthesia’ beyond visual perception or ‘coexistence”’ also ‘symbiosis’ as cultural and life phenomena. We expect that the theme ‘resonance’ is reconsidered and a lot of ambitious works are created.

2. Exhibition Schedule


2017.09.09 – 18
Opening: 2017.09.09
Tokyo Polytechnic University


2017.10.11 – 20
Opening: 2017.10.11
Vision Art Gallery


2017.10.24 – 11.02
Opening: 2017.10.24
National Yunlin University of Science & Technology


2017.12.15 – 20
Opening: 2017.12.15
Dream Forest Gallery

3. Entry

  1. If you want to participate in Asia Network Beyond Design 2017, you can apply it to the regional office through the entry form of each regional office.
  2. You have to hand in 4 artworks for 4 region’s exhibitions to the office. Series works or team works are also available.
  3. Solo exhibitions as well as group exhibition are available in each place. Please contact to regional office for detail.
  4. Printed artworks are generally exhibited and the original artworks (2D, 3D or motion graphics included) are also available). Please contact to regional office for detail.
  5. Name of country and flag as well as the elements/colors symbolized the nation are prohibited.
  6. Artists/designer should agree the proof of copyrights to regional office.