ANBD 2022 Special Exhibition

SCHEDULE of 2022 Special Exhibition

The exhibition area of ANBD2022 Special Exhibition is PHUKET.

Phuket, Thailand
  • 2022.06.20 - 07.07
  • Phuket Culture Center

THEME of 2022 Special Exhibition

ANBD participants can express their own ideas under the theme of the year.

  • Coexistence of Asia

  • By sharing and displaying the diversity of emotions and experiences that exist globally, we are overcoming difficult times together. ANBD would like to express a coexistent society without barriers beyond art and design.

PARTICIPANTS of 2022 Special Exhibition

  • Number of Participating artworks: 106
  • Participating Country: Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka

EXCELLENT AWARD of 2022 Special Exhibition

ANBD Judging Committee awards the excellent artworks that adjust to the theme and express excellently a prize.

* All rights reserved.

  • Table of Peace
  • Suwan-on, Chaiwat
  • life bus stop
  • Chung, SuiLan
  • Pause
  • Ishii, Toshiwo
  • Line Link
  • Lin, Yu-Sheng
  • Coexistence 2022
  • Park, Jaehong
  • Laputa
  • Yap, AiLing

ARTWORK PAMPLET of 2022 Special Exhibition

Artwork pamphlets for each exhibition will be designed and printed.